About Us

Welcome to Gregorian Voice!

Gregorian Voice is a small group of church singers whose aim is to encourage the youth to be active in sharing their talents when serving the Lord. We are encouraging the youth to offer their beautiful voices in praising the Lord God. Our mission is to help the youth realize the importance of their participation in singing in the name of the Lord.

As much as we want our members to be involved in different church activities, we would also like to help them build a good and harmonious relationship with the people around their community. We want to help them realize their important role in each other communities. Gregorian Voice wants our youth to be active in participating in different activities that would enhance their ability to socialize.

Gregorian Voice offers seminars and workshops for our youth to enhance their talent in singing. We also help the youth prepare themselves in becoming good community members by giving them the opportunity to showcase their ability to socialize. We have different programs dedicated for these kinds of child development.

As much as we would like to prioritize the development of our youth, Gregorian Voice is also an open community for the elderly and for adult people to share their experiences and for them to also grow with the guidance of the Lord. We accept membership from adult people who wish to participate in our different programs.

Gregorian Voice started only as a very small community with only 30-40 members. Because of the continuous support that we receive, we are already about to celebrate our 10th year with our more than 500 members. We are also happy to inform you that our memberships already produce different sects across the globe with over 20 countries.

With Gregorian Voice, we aim to be united.