How can this website help me?

Gregorian Voice aims to help the Christian youth express their talents in singing while serving the Lord. This community is dedicated to enhance the talent given by God and we teach the children to use these precious talents to serve him. We also conduct special programs that would help our participants enhance their ability to socialize with the people inside the church community.


Do we need to pay to access your website?

This website dedicates itself to students who want to learn and who want to grow. We do not charge any fee from our reader for accessing the website. Our blogs and articles are also free for everyone to read.


If you do not charge anything from your readers, how do you keep your website working?

There are companies whose interests are aligned with ours. They place their advertisements on our website. By this, we develop a healthy relationship with these companies as they place advertisements that are appropriate for the array of our readers.


How can we place advertisement on your website?

The information and standards for placing advertisement on our website will be provided by our staff. Just send an e-mail to advertisements@gregorianvoice.com


Do you accept submissions of articles for your website?

We accept contributions for our website as long as they comply to our standard protocol. Submissions will be filtered by our editorial team. Meanwhile, you are free to submit them at submissions@gregorianvoice.com.


Can we regularly receive updates from your website?

We encourage our readers to subscribe from our website so they can weekly receive our newsletters. We provide regular updates on our website via newsletters.


Is subscription from your website free?

We do not charge or collect anything from our readers including their subscription Our page aims to be accessible from everyone.


Can we cancel our subscription?

You may turn off your subscription from our page anytime.