Performing Effectively

When it comes to singers, one of the most important assets they probably consider is their golden voice. This is most especially among individuals who take singing as an occupation that serves as their means of living. There is a truth to this. However, it has been proven time and time again that good voice is not everything. 

Voice is an innate talent among singers. Some are born with it, others learned it from excessive practice they had ever since they were young. There are parents who get vocal coaches for their kids at a young age just so their children can be singers someday. Yes, they learn to control and the right pitch. They learn how to make their vocal cords stronger to enable belting. But these are all on the voice aspect. They forget that there are other things that needed to be enhanced for their kids to be good performers in the future. Included in this are projection, emotions, style, and self-confidence. The voice without all these would be just a dull instrument that can be admired by many. This doesn’t mean performance per se.  



When we talk of projection, we are talking about how one acts on stage. It is the way individuals hold themselves while performing. This includes eye contact with the audience, hand gestures, body language, and posture. As a good performer, you do not simply stand there and sing. You need to move and talk with your whole body to the audience. By doing otherwise, you are delivering a bad performance because you would simply be singing and not performing. It’s like the audience paid for a radio which turns on and off when switched. 



Emotions are every feeling you incorporate into every word you put a melody on. It is the ability of the singer to make the song alive. It is the feelings you put out there which can invoke a response to your audience. This involves the right beat you put on the song and the facial expression you deliver. This is when a singer smile when needed, and show grief when necessary. A song that is without emotion is like a robot singing in a monotonous voice. 



The style is what makes a singer stand out. It is the singer’s own touch which makes a cover of their own. Especially if the song is revived, it takes a twist to make other people hear it and recognize it as your own. Without their proper style, singers may lose stardom as early as they have risen. There is always a need for singers who do not make their own music and who do not have their own songs to have their own style so that they could be set apart from the original. The unique style of the singer can be the reason why they are followed by many. 



There is no good performance when a singer has no self-confidence. The lack of which would cause the whole event to flop because this will reflect heavily on how a singer portrays in front of the audience. The lack of confidence may lead to stage-frights which hinder the singers to give their everything to the performance. As a consequence, people may think that they just wasted their money in paying for something that won’t give them any satisfaction. 

Although a singer’s voice remains to be a catalyst for their popularity, without the four elements listed below, all of their efforts would be for nothing. So, do not simply be a singing box, be a good performer. Do not let you get evicted from stardom which can cause you to start looking for real estate cash buyer in Orlando.