Ways to maintain life-long friendship

We all need friend in our lives. We need someone, apart from our family, to understand us and to build our confidence. We need people with whom we can entrust some of the most important and confidential decisions we make in our lives. That someone is what we call a friend.

Many people believe in the saying that “no man is an island’. Yes, indeed. No person could ever live alone. If there is someone who could do that, then he might be living a very lonely life. Many people rely on their friends. Some even trust their friends more than their family members. This is not surprising at all because there are people who can connect with your heart and with your soul even if you are not blood-related.

However, not all of those you consider as friends will stay forever in your life. There are some who are just for temporary experiences. After all, you may be friends but they also have their own lives to build.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain a life-long friendship:

  2. Having a friend is like having a lover. If you would tell him or her everything that your friendship is involved with, then trust will be strengthened. Do not confide things about your friend to other people. Make sure that both of you knows what is happening with each other.

  4. You are busy and so is she. You have things to do or to finish and so is she. But make sure to dedicate time for each other so you would not need to catch up from time to time. Always remember that connection between you is important. So always take care and maintain that connection.

  6. This is applicable for everyone actually. Repair any misunderstandings with your friend or your family member immediately. Do not make them think they are not worth your apology or humbleness. Open your mind and try to see the bigger picture. With this, you will not need to guess what is going on.